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Is This Really Unlimited? Seems To Good To be True

Yes, our Unlimited 4G LTE Data plan is truly Unlimited. We don't have any data caps, or soft caps. The plan is truly Unlimited. Visit our YouTube Channel, and Facebook Page to see a demonstration

I'm an (OTR) Truck Driver, will this work for my rig?

Yes. This Unlimited Data Plan works great for truck drivers who are over the road, and need high speed internet service in their truck. The Unlimited Velocity Hotspot works great. Just plug it into a power outlet, and leave it plugged in. You can connect all of your WiFi enabled devices to it.

How many of my WiFi devices can I connect?

The Unlimited ZTE Velocity Hotspot allows 10 devices connected to it at once. The Netgear LB1110 4G/LTE Modem requires a connection to a WiFi router, or can be plugged into 1 device as it only has 1 ethernet port. If the Netgear LB1110 is connected to a home wireless router, you can have as many devices the wireless router will handle. 

Can I use my own device?

Yes, you can use any UNLOCKED hotspot, or any AT&T branded Hotspot. You can also use any Unlocked 4G/LTE Modem such as the Netgear LB1120. Just purchase the AT&T 3 Cut Sim Card from us, and it will include your first 30 days of service.

How is this different from an Unlimited Phone Plan?

Unlimited Phone Plans only offer Unlimited Data for that device. Most phone mobile phone providers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile will de-prioritize your speeds after you hit 22 gigabytes of data transfer in a billing cycle. Their phones also offer WiFi hotspots/tethering, these plans only have 8-10 gigabytes of data transfer, once that is reached, they will either shut your tethering or hotspot off, slow your tethering/hotspot to 2G or 3G speeds, or charge a ridiculous amount of money if you go over.'s plans are all Truly Unlimited and won't throttle or slowdown if you use a certain amount of data. Some customers have reported using 400 gigs of data in a month with no issues. 

Do I have to sign a contract? Is this really month to month service?

No contracts, No Credit Checks, we pay for the service one month in advance. Anytime you purchase a Hotspot, Modem, or Sim Card from us, the first month of service is included. 

Does The Service Throttle At Any Point? 

No, Never! Our Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plan will give you fastest broadband speeds available. Our hotspots don't de-prioritize. However unlike any service, if there is a lot of congestion on the tower, you may experience slow speeds. But because this is considered a old corporate plan, our devices have the highest priority in a congested situation.   

I live in a Rural Area, will this work for me?

Yes, our data plan works anywhere there is coverage on the AT&T Wireless network. If you're looking for home internet in a rural town, purchase the Netgear LB1110 4G/LTE Modem from us. Just plug the modem into your home router, and your home is connected.

What are the average speeds I should receive?

Speeds do vary based on a lot of factors, however the closest you are to a cell tower, the faster the speeds will be. Two to Three signal bars on a hotspot show speeds of around 35 megabytes a second. A customer has a AT&T cell tower on his property, and receives a minimum of 50 megabytes a second consistently, using the Netgear LB1120 Modem

How do I pay for my data plan?

We will send out an invoice 15 days before your bill is due. You may pay for the invoice via PayPal, or credit card. 

Will this service work anywhere?

This service will work anywhere in the 50 United States, on the AT&T Network. Take a look at the AT&T coverage map if you want to be sure there is coverage in the area you intend to use the service. 

Can I put my service on hold for a month or two, and resume again?

As of February 1st 2020 we aren't able to hold lines for inactive customers. We are now limited in the amount of lines we are authorized to resell.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes! You may return the device for a full refund or exchange within 14 days and no more then 22 gigabyes of usage from the date of purchase. Which ever comes first. 

Once I subscribe to the service, do I own the account, and device?

Once you purchase the device, it is yours to keep. You own it, and can use it with another plan if you wish. The account is the property of, as it is part of our corporate account, and isn't transferable.